Welcome to my private medical practice for multimodal pain management

What does that mean?
I am an approved and examined medical doctor and an expert in the treatment of all kinds of painful states concerning body and mind.
The emphasis lies on non-pharmacologic therapies.
The multimodal, integrative concept includes also other (stress)diseases - for example tinnitus, stomach disturbance, sleeping disorder, heart burn, cardiac problems....

My education and training is suitable for all ages - children and adults.
I´m looking forward to your call!

Understanding pain

Learn how to become your own pain expert

All kinds of chronic pain can be treated without the use of strong and addictive medication

most of the time we have to treat the chronic stress disorder first

Find out about what kind of pain you are suffering from and what makes it worse

stress and anxiety increase pain in different parts of the body

Let`s work on individual solutions

multimodal and including your own special ressources

to feel safe and comfortable again within your body

Goal: more quality in life, more good than bad days 

Pain Education

Knowledge is the biggest pain liberator
To understand why you are hurting, what makes it worse and what you can do about it  

The multimodal, integrative concept fits not only when it is about pain

classic medical examination and therapy meets naturopathy, gentle bodywork, personal training, acupuncture and mental training methods
The multimodal, integrative concept works even with other diseases like stress disorders, sleeping problems, tinnitus...

medical hypnosis

according to medical studies, mental techniques, using the neuroplasticity of the brain, make a difference 

The first appointment

Concerning complex, maybe long lasting suffering from different states of pain,  it is important to follow a standardized procedure - so that important details must not be overlooked