First appointment

when you visit me for the first time:

You suffering from pain or other disorders (exeption: if you are suffering from tinnitus -  the earlier you come - the better) for more than 6 weeks?
Maybe you had an accident or a tumor disease?
Maybe there was an other trigger or you can´t find one - maybe it`s more like a continous slowly worsening of your problems?

The fact is:

You are not able to deal with

  • your daily hassles
  • you free time without stress - (because of your pain disorder).

You start to retract yourself 

  • from friends
  • from your family

You are not able to perform

  • your hobbies
  • your favorite sport/activities

You ask yourself how to get along in this condition with your

  • profession
  • or in private life

Maybe you got statements like

  • „You are completely healthy - nothing is damaged“ 
  • “This pain condition can not be explained by these minimal variations“.
  •  “Everything healed properly.“ 
  •  „This is psychosomatic“.

This makes you fell insecure because you are still suffering from pain or other physical problems.

Maybe you 

  • took strong medication according to a plan 
  • you had series of injections

Maybe you had

  • an operation
  • or many appointments with a lot of different therapists

but the pain did not go away

To make a professionally competent medical advice possible and to bring all the threads of your medical Odyssey together all over again, you may bring ALL the medical results - new and relevant old ones.  


According to your health problems it would be important to bring for example:

  •    neurologic results
  •    orthopadic results
  •    possibly rheumatologic results
  •    written results of a radiologist: for example MRI, X ray
  •    results about internistic diseases
  •    results about psychiatric/psychosomatic diseases
  •    laboratoy values, blood findings, including inflammatory markers, thyroid function, (and, if indicated, after consulting your general practitionier maybe a small screening for inflammatory disease including the markers (z.B. ACCP, RF))


Essential for futher diagnosis of your pain disorder I kindly ask you to fill in the form: "Deutscher Schmerzfragebogen", which is attached to the website.


For the careful inspection of your individual results before our first conversation I will need approximatly 30 minutes.
For the first appointement you may plan about 1.5 hours. 

How does the therapy continue?


To get to know you and to get a clear picture of your symptoms - also your strategies, individual resources and  self-healing potential - i will need a few more appointements with you.

In the meantime we will work on individual therapeutic strategies and deepen that new knowledge - or combine these with other therapeutic options of different fields of therapeutic methods.

You will experiance a lot of new strategies and understanding concerning your pain/stressdisorder:

for example the protection methods of your body, the muscle, the neuronal connections - neuroplasticizy and deep learning - because your body is able to learn pain on all levels and the body is also able to unlearn pain again.


I will accompany you on that very personal way.
You will learn from me and I will learn from you.
I'm looking forward to meeting you!